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Personal Effectiveness Articles
Ack! Ten Tips For Managing Stress
Written by Kayla Roux   

When we start to get stressed, we are filled with anxiety that seems to exacerbate our worries and eat up our time. Try applying these ten tips for stress management and win more time for work and play in your life.

Written by Nikki Viljoen   

We hate to admit it but most of us procrastinate, especially if it's something we don't enjoy doing - it's human nature.  “Procrastination is the natural assassin of opportunity.” (Anonymous).

Are You Trapped In The Filter Bubble? How The Filtering Of Online Services Might Be Narrowing Your Worldview
Written by Joanne Delaurentis   

I recently came across some interesting information about how search engines and other internet sites personalise your internet search results based on a number of factors about your life.

Pretty Perfect
Written by Kayla Roux   

Attaining perfection seems to be what the whole world is geared towards today – our appearances, careers, relationships, possessions and families are all subjected to stringent trials and discarded if they are not to our liking. What is our incessant drive for perfection doing to the way we live our lives?

Yvonne's Style Makeover
Written by Filipa Oriana Antonic   

I met Yvonne while exhibiting at the Look Good & Feel Good Expo in 2009, she expressed interest in my personal style programme as she felt she needed to “define” her personal style.

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