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Personal Effectiveness Articles
Rev Up Your Passion!
Written by Michelle Korrevaar   

Do you remember a time when you found a sunrise so magical that you’d willingly get up before dawn and drive to a special “viewing” place? Why is that as we get older we tend to neglect the things that make us feel alive?

The Pillars of Self Esteem
Written by Rachel van Doorene   

We are constantly bombarded with messages which tell us that "we are what we do". But what is the outcome of subcribing to this view too strongly? And what happens if we cannot always "do" enough?

Know Your No
Written by Cindy Bell   

Our predominant thoughts eventually solidify into beliefs, which can change our lives for good or bad. Are we destined to be the victims of our thoughts, or do we have the power to change them, and live out healthy, life-giving belief systems?

Coaching For Personal Effectiveness
Written by Jules Newton   

"Coaching" is a popular buzzword in corporate circles - but who benefits from this practice, and are they the people who need it most? Jules Newton considers the ins and outs of coaching, and reveals what her own experiences have taught her.

Dressing for Success
Written by Rachel van Doorene   

Dressing for the workplace can be quite a challenge: how do you present yourself appropriately without sacrificing your personal style completely; and how does one gauge the expectations of those one works with? Rachel van Doorene offers some tips.

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