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Inspirational Articles
Going Where Your Thoughts Take You
Written by Nikki Viljoen   
Thursday, 25 February 2010 08:45

James Allen says “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

Coping with Change
Written by Charlotte Gompertz   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 09:09

As women we cope with change every single day. In my case it starts with changing a nappy (my 14 month old daughter’s) and ends with changing into my pyjamas. Small things, but significant to both my daughter and me!

Kitchen Confidential: My Version!
Written by Alet van der Westhuizen   
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:23

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to become a chef. I was awestruck by the glamorous persona of the TV chefs that occupied my every spare hour. To be totally honest, there is absolutely nothing glamorous about being a chef. The terms blood, sweat, tears and slavery are more like it! This of course only became clear after my perfectly ironed and starched chef’s whites and brand new Green Cross shoes were in my cupboard…

What Gift Can You Give Yourself Today?
Written by Muriel Connell   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 14:07

When you look back on your life, what have been the special gifts you have cherished, and why? Are the people who gave you the gift still part of your life today, or have they moved on? How did you feel when you received the gift - surprised, elated, confused, overwhelmed or ambivalent? Do you still have the gift or has it been hidden away in the hoards of other unneeded or unwanted items you have discarded but haven’t wanted or had the courage to throw out?

Women of Substance
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Written by Mahadi Buthelezi   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 15:13

My life is that of a boxer. I was borne to a boxer and a dressmaker. My father loved boxing – everything I have learnt in life was a boxing lesson to me. I have been bobbing and weaving in the ring, doing my best to avoid the hard knocks.

Living With Purpose
Written by Marlon Smith   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 12:11

We all have something inside us that makes us want to do, see, and accomplish more. It gets us up early and keeps us up late at night. Goals are important to the soul.

Our Calling
Written by Nikki Viljoen   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 11:18

Dr Naomi Stephan says “You have a calling which exists only for you and which only you can fulfill.”

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